system notes


system notes
---------------- system is very fast and simple, writed in understandable PHP.
system auto-install the databases he need.
system create thumbnails of images for better speed

political notes
---------------- Free clonables networks are powerfull tools that give ability to share work ;
It's not a simple "blog" but a real WebNews very complexe ; as a Wiki but faster, with medias video, and ability to create multi-Nodes

About Nodes
-------------- Nodes are like Blogs, but refered in the system who have ability to clone himself to build another parallele website

Download or become user ?
-------------------------------- You can open your Node by complete the very very fast subscription (name and password in current form) and after, you receive a mail, and can open your own Node.

Download is actually reserved for clients or legals free associations.

How to get this fantastic "Webware" ?
------------------------------------------- Send me a mail !

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