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Letter to Mehran Keshe

Knowing the problem of energy should be solved very fastly i worked since ten years on the structure of the social system who make possible to technologies and knowledge to be fairly and fastly distributed.

It is certain the system of trade is prehistoric and not let good things to happen to humanity. Because it is too few sophisticated, the social system is only made to build and destroy, to build again. (that is how cybernetic operate in this system).

When Tesla discovered free energy only 1% of his knowledge was kept to be used as an weapon of power.

If everybody must fight everybody to win the right to be alive, the civilisation will be terminated very fastly.

The system of money is based on barter, and the trade and the psychology of trade everything became the System of our civilisation. Nothing can exists if noone win money with. The goodness is replaced by humanitarian optionnal things, and business for stupid objects is the center of the system.

I can resume the situation in only one sentence : the rights are the money.

No money, no rights.
People dying of hanger have the right to buy food (that is cynical).
And Rich people have the right to burn forest (that is fact of power).

I am not sure the transfert of extraterrestrial technologies on earth will not be a new way to dominate and create more unfair and wars, until we stop to use the system of money.

M. Keshe you say, hope and promise : "fighting over the resources of the planet is a thing of the past". I am sure you are great and full of kindness but that is the only way you inventions will not be used to increase the disaster of fighting nations. If it is not you, it is extremely dangerous, and if you have not a strong critic of the System of money, it is also dangerous, i think.

Did you observate the multinational enterprises could not be controled by people (or public reason) because no earth nation is existing ?

My opinion is all the enterprises (and knowledge) who became too much important for life should be in the hands of people himself.

You must certainly have already understood the scale where your inventions can operate is higher than the social system of business ; The Human Rights are the scale where your inventions can operate. If anything must be saved it's the Human Rights. They are the way to measure if a social system is good or not.

So the question is : What decide who have the right to use your inventions ?

The answer is extremely simple :
a super-computer must ensure of the well of each human on earth, giving him the Rights he need, he win, he obtain by any way you can imagine.

The Rights must be the Money !!!
(and not money give the rights !)

That include some extremely intersting consequences :
- no war is needed ;
- no poverty is possible ;
- no mafia or underground power is usefull ;
- no knowledge have to be kept in secret.
- more confidence between peoples is possible if lies is not the way to win money, which is the way to stay alive.

Better again, the law will be in the side of the reason, and never again in the side of the power. A this moment only, you could be confident in the existant structures of the society.


I hope ungrateful job will be replaced by robots,
people will can choose their life, travel, meet people, study more,
polyindustries will be abble to produce anything we need,
urban farms will bring food in large cities,
Abundance will not be contradictory with effectiveness and intelligence,
and the politic will consist to find the best way for goodnes to be efficient ;
(Many words will have to be redefined)

That is not only the fact of to have solved the problem of enery,
all inventions can be turned against good of humanity
always bad people choose to be in the side of power, if it is communism, nazism, liberalism... or maybe kesheism !
Only a new social system will make crimes illogical and unusefull.

That was my message.
Greetings, dear friend of Human Rights

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About power

{{bad people choose to be in the side of power, if it is communism, nazism, liberalism...}}

Three theories about that :
- every power are bad by nature ;
- they are the same people always grabbed on the current power ;
- the evolution of each power became insane because, and that is the proof that the paradigm (of trade) we use is insane ;

We can also add the combination of these three, first w