Cover-up? Twitter reacts to report that Uk government will buy Skripal's house

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Published time: 24 Jun, 2018 15:32

Police officers stand guard outside of the home Sergei Skripal on March 6, 2018. © Toby Melville / Reuters

The house of Sergei Skripal will be purchased by UK taxpayers, according to officials cited by The Sunday Times. The move has prompted a range of responses online - from cover-up allegations to jokes about home ownership.

Taxpayers will be footing the bill for Skripal's home, which is expected to be bought by the UK government for around £350,000 (US$464,000), The Sunday Times  reported, citing Whitehall officials. They will also pay for the home of Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, who fell ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent Novichok. That house is expected to cost taxpayers around £430,000. All in all, the purchase of both homes, cars, and other possessions, will amount to a hefty £1 million.

But the government's decision to snatch up Skripal's house has raised eyebrows online, including from those who believe the UK has "something to hide," since there remains zero evidence to back claims that Russia was behind the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Audrey 24/06/2018 14:02:47 491 508  2076/1996
Home, cars and possessions of both Skripals and Bailey to be bought by the state? What for exactly? They're going to open a Novichok Museum?? Or something to hide?? @georgegalloway @duncanpoundcake

ITV News 24/06/2018 12:47:38 42 89  1989157/1441
Salisbury poison homes ‘to be bought by taxpayer in £1m deal’
Carl 24/06/2018 14:27:08 15 6  292/374
To hide the non existent evidence.
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Others commented that such a huge sum of money could be used to help get the Grenfell Tower victims back on their feet, after a tragic fire swept over the building and killed 72 people last year.

Instead of buying those buy the Grenfell tower victims homes

Another suggested it could go towards the National Health Service (NHS).

Why - spend that million on the NHS instead surely.

Other taxpayers, however, were able to make light of the situation, jesting about their unexpected "home ownership."

Lovely !! I’m finally on the housing ladder without even lifting a finger!
Great stuff....I'll have the house for two days next Tuesday. Hope that's OK with everyone.

Skripal, a former Russian double agent, and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury, UK on March 4. Although London and other Western nations were quick to point the finger at the Kremlin, there remains zero proof that Russia was involved in any way. Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement and offered its full cooperation in the investigation.

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