17/06/2006 3 min #1298

Venezuela Worldsocialforum2006

Venezuela: Kickoff at the World Social Forum
A Film by Chris Hume, Canela Saenz and Sari Gelzer

Day 1 of our series of reports is about the anti-war march that kicked off the forum, including interviews with Cindy Sheehan. Stay tuned for more reports in the coming days.

On day 2 they went to an opposition rally and talked to opponents of Chavez.

Chris Hume, Canela Saenz and Sari Gelzer go into the Caracas neighborhood of Guarataro to talk with community members, who introduce viewers to Casa de Alimentacion. La Casa de Alimentacion is a government program, located in almost every community, that provides free food to the poor and was implemented by Chavez's government roughly two years ago.

On the last day of the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, Chris Hume, Canela Saenz and Sari Gelzer hear participants' reflections on how achieving a better world is possible.