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De quoi réfléchir pour aujourd'hui :

"Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste. They hurry past it."

-Soren Kierkegaard

This is caused by trying to do too much. Less is more. Slow gives you control.

The person who dies with the most toys was a sucker, a loser. He/she didn't

have time to unwrap them, must less enjoy them. But they had to store and

otherwise worry about them. The pleasure always comes from inside your head - pleasures and pains are drugs your own body produces. Most are, technically,

under your control to a large extent. Technically means that you can, if you

know how, do the homework, and practice. practice, practice. Its well worth


The dillusion of punishment is that it

changes behavior at the lowest cost.

People Will Avoid Punishment; but They Will Seek Reward!

Happiness is Enjoying the Moderate Life.

Economics is The Conservation of Labor.

Wealth is Happiness and Economics.

"If you have done good or bad unto the least of these

(anyone, criminal or saint), you have done it unto God."

Your emotions are DRUGS! Kick your habit!

Of what we consume, over 90% is spit out by factories so fast it's a blur

going by as a few tech's hope something will break the boredom and keep their

jobs secure. Even farms are massive automated factories. These factories

create the wealth we consume. They are connected together by a network of

roads, rails, and air routes where, again, the very few provide the labor

needed to transport what the whole human race consumes. Robotics and

computers are taking over all labor and paperwork and could do it sooner, if

the world willed it. Yet we have a world economy that only sputters along

with billions in perpetual poverty, poverty decreed as necessary by the world

bank and our nations' banks.

Government is the cause and cure. Lack of planning, energy waste, the

automobile, traumatization of the young, and self-destructive economic

beliefs are the problems. If we designed cities to minimize travel costs and

provide superior service, you would eliminate over 20% of the time you NEED

to work, 10% for commuting and 10% for shopping for yourself. If we eliminate

office space construction, maintenance, etc., you pick up another 20%. If

home offices and home delivery were easy; if you knew you, the spouse, and/

or the kids would get where and when you like and be supervised by you on

closed circuit TV if you want , would you even want a car? ... your very own

suicide machine, expensive to buy and maintain, that makes you prey to

bankers, police, lawyers, insurance agents, mechanics, painters, oil cartels,


f we fully utilize heat now wasted in the production of electricity or goods

for other manufacturing, absorption refrigeration (refrigeration from heat

like in an RV), heating water and buildings, etc., we eliminate another 20%

of the time you need to work. If we eliminate interest, lawyers, and tax

accounting while making the government not waste our time to cut it costs, we

eliminate another 10% of what we have to do for a net savings of 70% of our

time, probably more!

Walden 3 is a utopian love story on how to turn a prison into a city state

where luxury abounds. Four ordinary people and a robot battle reactionary

forces, becoming heroes, finding happiness by using Dr. Albert Ellis'

scientific stoicism, REBT (see also Rational-Emotive-Behaviorism Theory). The

city, New Georgia, LLC., for a few thousand dollars a year takes prisoners

and rehabilitates him/her. They use voluntary behaviorism supported by total

electronic recording of all space and all financial transactions with instant

justice, without medieval punishments or 20th century prison/torture cells.

They sell the prisoners on the system because the exit strategy is a full

life with a job for life. They effectively and economically deter and correct

destructive behavior in a secure, happy environment with motivation and

plenty for all.

Government run, engineered cities and industries provide a cradle-to-grave

social system with luxury for all. Since competition between companies in

basic commodities and services is of little value and can cause great

dislocations and degradation of service when one competitor collapses or one

takes over, the city runs electricity generation, sewer, roads,

communications, and mass transportation. These same industries reach great

service levels due to the incentives to management based on a composite of

labor savings and customer satisfaction -- rather than merely the most money

"earned". People rate each service (a type of voting) affecting them, setting

part of the pay of that service's personnel; thereby controlling those who

serve them.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged. Free enterprise that does not warp society is

welcomed. So are artists. None depend on the whim of the rich nor fear the

banker's knock on their door.

We have the technology. We have the resources. The math is easy; most of what

the vast majority or people do today has nothing to do with what we actually

consume. We can become entrepreneurs, craftsman, arts, entertainers,

scientists, whatever......, when we as a society decide it is time!

What kind of future do you want? One of "hard work" and sacrifices that

"teach" us to be noble? It hasn't so far. Or would you rather have employers

begging for employees and making sacrifices to get you to go to work? Things

can always be better - or declared great today.

You really like Complaining,

all that attention and sympathy.

Don't you!?

Give up your addiction to sympathy, to their opinion.

Let's make a bet. I'll give you $1000 for each time in your life that you said

something was awful and it was at least very bad. You, however, have to give

me $1 for each time it was NOT really bad. I hope you have a lot of money. If

you tell yourself it is horrible, you will feel horrible. And 99.99% of the

time it is not even close to horrible or awful.

Dispute how " horrible" your life is and it will no longer be horrible!

Happiness REQUIRES Happy Thoughts.

It's like the movie "The Matrix":

Words, thoughts, and beliefs are emotion "bullets".

They can only hurt you IF you believe they "should".

You can stop them in mid-air if you concentrate well enough.

Pursue Balanced Pleasure!

Plan your life!

Set realistic goals, including time for fun and family.

Make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules for your life.

Force Yourself to Start.

Never put your self-worth or rewards in someone else's hands.

If you do, then "they" will control you: your life, your happiness!

Their opinion is just their opinion.

If they see it moves you, they will manipulate you with it.

Celebrate the wonder of life and your life will be wonderful.

Control Comes From Planning, Practicing, and Rewarding.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

You have to retrain yourself. You only fail if you quit. "There is no finish

line." "Life is not a rehearsal." "You don't get your money back"

Less Is More

"He who dies with the most toys" LOSES

He or she was addicted to acquisition; did not have time to play with them;

but he or she still had to worry about storing them, maintaining them,

insurance, envy, etc.

Accept Life

Dispute - Don't Vent!

Dispute how "Horrible" everything is and you will feel better. Venting just

makes you feel worse, again. It, you, and "they" are Never going to be

perfect. Dispute the need to be perfect. Complaining about things not being

perfect won't change anything and summons up bad feelings again, and again.

Disputing their horror makes them shrink in importance and eventually go

away. It, you, and "they" are Never going to be perfect. You don't NEED

perfect. Complaining won't change anything and makes you live through bad

things again.

Don't Punish yourself!

Don't put yourself down!

Punishment will stop you.

Celebrate, Reward yourself for each step!

It's the secret ingredient!

Do a victory dance! I'm serious. Give us a Victory Shout! - you've started!

You dance around and yell over some silly game which you cannot affect and

does not have any affect on your life!

This will change your life and your attitude, your happiness!

Now you've started, It's just a matter of time.

Don't quit because this has been proven to work.