Occult Origins of Power (article excellent)

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Occult Origins of Power

Robert Laugherty has written an intriguing short novel, somewhat in the

manner of C.S. Lewis's "Screwtape Letters" and Gurdjieff's "Beelzebub's

Tales to His Grandson", namely as a series of talks from an aging

archon of the financial elite and his advisors to the young man being

groomed to take over his position at the peak of the pyramid of power.

Heres a partial distillation, full article can be found at:



" Until now, my advisors and I have deflected your questions as to how

and if my diverse operations and holdings, which seem autonomous and

even contradictory, are integrated into an organic whole to serve the

dynasty's interests. The fact that you asked these questions, rejecting

my carefully nurtured public image as an idle, coupon clipping

philanthropist, was a major factor in the high esteem in which I hold

you. Most of your competitors found puppet leadership in any one of my

organi- zations so awesome and gratifying that they immediately

eliminated themselves from the contest for the top position which you

have won. Such men of limited vision are neces- sary for my success.

They bend unconsciously to the subtle pressures to which I expose them.

They can be led in any direction I choose by simple-minded

rationalizations aimed at their vanity without being privy to my motives

which would be short lived secrets in their undisciplined and envious

minds ."

"Although you now must begin to pursue it consciously you have already

displayed the alienation from your emotional nature that is so essential

to achieving real worldly power."

"As your tutors will explain, "occult" or secret knowledge is the basis

of all power in human society, so I use the word "occult" advisedly, in

its pristine usage.

"Human hierarchies, in contrast to the animal variety, are best

sustained when the members are deluded regarding the oppressive nature,

or better, even the very existence of the hierarchy"

" Nearly everyone believes major decisions to be the vector sum of

autonomous pressures exerted by business, labor, government, consum- ers, social classes, and other special interests. In fact, the vectors

of societal power are carefully balanced by us so that any net movement

is in a direction chosen by us. The only fly in the ointment is the

occasional, but extremely messy, interferences by competing financial

dynasties. "

"Throughout history, secure ruling elites arise through se-cret, or

occult knowledge which they carefully guard and withhold from outsiders

The power of such elites or cults diminishes as their occult knowledge

is transformed into "scientific" knowledge and vanishes as soon as it

becomes "common sense."

"The men who first studied and grasped the regularities of sun, moon,

and stars that presage the seasons had a valuable commodity to sell and

they milked it to the fullest at the expense of their credulous

fellowmen. The occult priesthoods of early astronomers and mathemati- cians such as the designers of Stonehenge, convinced their subjects that

they alone had contact with the gods, and thus, they alone could assure

the return of planting seasons and weather favorable to bountiful

harvests. The staging (predicting) of solar and lunar eclipses was

particularly effective in awing the community The general success

resulting from following the priesthood's tilling, planting, nurturing,

and harvesting time tables insured the priest- hood's power....Popular

knowledge of seasonal regularities was discouraged by every manner of

mysticism and outlandish ritual imaginable. Failures in prediction were

blamed on sins of the people and used to justify intensified

oppression. For centuries people who had literally no idea of the

number of days between seasons and couldn't count anyway, cheerfully

gave up a portion of their harvests, as well as their most beautiful

daughters, to their "faithful servants" in the priest- hoods ."

"The power of our finance capitalist money cult rests on a similar

secret knowledge, primarily in the field of economics. Our power is

weakened by real advances in economic science. (Fortunately, the public

at large and most revolutionaries remain totally ignorant of economics.

However, we established money lords have been able to prolong and even

reverse our decline by systematically corrupting economic science with

fallacious and spurious doctrines. Through our power in the

universities, publishing, and mass media we have been able to reward the

sincere, professorial cranks whose spurious doctrines happen to

rationalize in terms of "common good" the government supported

institutions, laws, and economic measures upon which our money powers


"However, we are so powerful today that it is no longer possible to

conceal our imposing institutions with the appearances of free

competition. Keynesianism rationalizes this omnipotent state which we

require, while retaining the privileges of private property on which our

power ultimately rests. "

"Since real politics is motivated by individual self-interest, history

is viewed most accurately as a struggle for power and wealth We do our

best to obscure this self-evident truth by popularizing the theory that

history is made by the imper- sonal struggles between ideas, political

systems, ideologies, races, and classes. Through systematic infiltration

of all major intellectual, political, and ideological organizations,

using the lure of financial support and instant publicity, we have been

able to set the limits of public debate within the ideological

requirements of our money power...The so-called Left-Right political

spectrum is our creation. In fact, it accurately reflects our careful,

artificial polarization of the population on phoney issues that prevents

the issue of our power from arising in their minds."

" We control the Right-Left conflict such that both forms of liberty are

suppressed to the degree we require Our own liberty rests not on legal

or moral "rights," but on our control of the government bureaucracy and

courts which apply the complex, subjective regulations we dupe the

public into supporting for our benefit ".

"Innumerable meaningless conflicts to divert the attention of the public

from our operations find fertile ground in the bitter hatreds of the

Right©Left imbroglio. "

"We promote phoney free enterprise on the Right and phoney democratic

socialism on the Left. Thus, we obtain a "free enterprise" whose

"competition" is carefully regulated by the bureaucracy we control and

whose nationalized enter- prises are controlled directly through our

government. ..Invariably we determine the candidates of the major

parties and then proceed to pick the winners. Any attempts at campaign

reforms simply put the rules of the game more firmly under our

government's control."

" Totalitarian governments of both Right and Left, because of the

vulnerability of their highly visible leaders to party rivals, can be

manipulated easily from abroad. Primarily, totalitarian dictatorships

ef- ficiently prevent new money lords that could challenge our power

from arising in whole continents, civilizations, and races."

"..according to economic "science," Central Banks are instituted to

protect the public from periodic financial catastrophe at the hands of

unscrupulous fractional reserve bankers. Nothing could be further from

the truth. Central Banks are established to remove the limitation on

over issuance that reality places on competitive banking systems. As

early as ancient Babylon and India, Central Banking, the art of

monopolizing the issuance of money, had been developed into a perfect

method for looting the general public. Even today many bankers copy the

traditions of the earlier exploitive priesthoods and design their banks

to re- semble temples."

"The government and public does not notice that we issuers of the new

notes are using the notes we create out of thin air to surreptitiously

build economic empires at the expense of established interests. ...We,

of course do not take responsibility for the rampant inflation when it

comes. We blame inflation on evil speculators who drive up prices for

personal gain, as well as the greed of organized labor and business who

are promptly made subject to wage and price controls. Even the consumer

can be made to feel guilty for agreeing to pay the high prices!

Mistaking symptoms for causes the government accepts the banker's

analysis of the problem and continues to give the Bank free reign in

monetary policy."

"After our order is consolidated, formal nationalization of the Central

Bank with great fanfare is usually advisable in order to dispel any

lingering suspicion that it is operated for private gain. Of course only

loyal agent.s of the dynasty are allowed to obtain high offices in the

Bank and our power remains intact. Obvious private monopolies are always

the targets of sharp reformist agitators. Only the most paranoid,

however, can see through the public facade to the private monopoly of

the nationalized or quasi-nationalized Central Bank. The Central Bank is

the primary monopoly on which all our monopoly power depends. The occult

power of the Central Bank to create money out of nothing is the

fountain- head that fuels our far flung financial and political empire."

"Basically, the power of our Central Bank flows from its control over

the points of entry into the economy of new. inflationary money which it

creates out of thin air. ...As the addiction to the narcotic of

inflationary easy credit grows and grows we demand more and more control

of our dependent entourage of governments and corporations. When we

finally end the easy credit to "combat inflation" the enterprises and

govern- ments either fall directly into our hands, bankrupt, or are

rescued at the price of total control."

"Banks that loan to interests outside the loyal entourage are "audited"

by the Central Bank and found to be dangerously overextended. Just a

hint of insolvency from the respected Central Bank authorities is enough

to cause a run on the disobedient bank or at least dry up its vital

lines of credit. Soon the banking establishment learns to follow the

hints and nods of your father's agents at the Central Bank


"Our privileged specialists on the floors of our Exchanges, aided by the

propaganda of our financial press and brokerage houses, continually play

on naivete and greed to drain the savings of the unwary into our

coffers. The stock, commodi- ties, and securities held in trading

accounts by the Exchange and brokerage houses provides us with a clout

far beyond our own actual holdings with which we can manipulate prices

and win proxy fights for corporate takeovers."

"Little danger to our lucrative racket exists from public spirited

regulation. Our manipulations are so complex that only the most

brilliant experts could comprehend them. To most economists our Exchange

operations appear to be helpful efforts to "stabilize" the market. We

ruling bankers, if able to keep peace among ourselves, become richer and

richer as time passes without the annoyance of exerting productive

effort of benefit to others."

"The danger to our system clearly is not that the "people" will

spontaneously rise up and dispossess us. The "peo-ple" never initiate

anything. All successful movements are led from the top, usually without

the knowledge of the move- ment, by men like your father with vast

resources and brilliant plans. The real danger arises in the

upper-middle classes. Occasionally, these people make vast fortunes

through some brilliant technological innovation in their business or

through the favor of local politicians that escape our influence.

Because of their ignorance of the reality of our power, however, the new

rich usually fall easily into our hands. For instance, they seldom

realize until too late that the dozens of loans they may owe to

apparently independent banks can be called simultaneously with a mere

nod from your father. Graver danger is presented by those whose

enterprises are so successful as to be self-financing. Since the advent

of the corporate income tax truly self-financing corporations are

extremely rare."

"Most disquieting is when these upstarts acquire the covert or open

support and advice of your father's major international antagonists.

This is par-ticularly dangerous in countries with long democratic

tradi-tions where it is difficult to make our arbitrary rulings stick."

" Real division of power between national, state, and local government

is dangerous to our system. When local politicians have real autonomy,

even in limited spheres, they can do much to enable upstarts to

challenge our power. Our program is to bring all levels of government

under our sway through such innovations as federal aid, revenue sharing,

high federal taxation, and regional government."

"In order to keep our valuable regulatory machinery in place and under

our control we must have the mass support of the numerous lower classes

against our vigorous, but scarce middle-class rivals. The best method is

to provide the lower classes with sub- sidies at the expense of the

middle class. This creates a mutual hatred that prevents the middle

class from appealing effectively to the lower classes for support. "

"In spite of their rebellious rhetoric, bought union leaders are the

source of our power over the manage- ment of firms with widely held

stock. Unions are the ultimate weapon for destroying otherwise

invulnerable, self-financing rivals. "


"In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield

themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present

educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by

tradition, we work our good will upon a grateful and respon sive rural

folk . . . The task we set before ourselves is a beautiful one, to train

these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just as they are.

So we will organize our children into a little community and teach them

to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in

an imperfect way in the home, in shop, and on the farm."

-The objective of Rockefeller "philanthropies" stated by him and

Gates in Occasional Letter No. 1 of Rockefeller's General Education



"The primary purpose of public education is to inculcate the idea that

our crucial institutions of coercion and monopoly were created for the

public good by popular national heroes to blunt the past power of the

malefactors of great wealth. Crucial is to create the impression that,

although the people have been exploited in the past, today the wealthy

are at the mercy of an all- powerful government which is firmly in the

hands of the people or do-gooding liberals."

"Our contrived Left-Right spectrum which our compulsory education helps

to make universal is valuable in assuring that this charade does not get

out of hand. The Pollyannas in the middle are neither dangerous nor

useful in this endeavor. What is needed is a feeble, but persistent

right-conservatism to moderate and emasculate the liberal reforms.

Conserva- tives tend to resist all the advances in centralized

government power that we lead the liberals to see as necessary in order

to totally end the "undemocratic" power of money in society.....When

"liberal" reforms show signs of exceeding our intentions and actually

threaten to place our key institutions in the hands of the people, we

can always count on the conservatives to defend our power under the

illusion that they are defending the legitimate rights of

"free-enterprise capitalists." On the rare occasions when conservatives

call for subjecting our enterprises to laissez-faire competition, we can

count on the dominant liberal reformers to insist on more government

interference, unaware of our desire for such, in effect, self- administered regulation."

"The Right has such a fear of the Left's dream of democra tic

collectivism and the Left such a hatred for what it sees as the Right's

elitist, rugged individualism that there is little danger that they will

ever join forces to overturn our govern- ment-backed monopolies even

though we violate the ideals of both left and right."

"With our great influence in publishing and publicity we are able to,

selectively popularize educational theorists whose views are

incidentally beneficial, compa:h4le, or at least not in conflict with

our own goals."

"Liberal" education that stresses knowledge for its own sake or even

sophistry and sterile mental gymnastics is of no danger to us.

"Relevant," vocational, or career oriented education also poses no

danger to our power. Education that prepares students to accept a

cog-like existence in our military-industrial-social-welfare- regulation

complex is ideal. Progressive education with its stress on "social

adjustment" also produces the conformity we require of our subjects.

Emphasis on competitive sports may produce a certain amount of

disruptive competitiveness among the participants, but primarily has the

effect of creating life-long voyeuristic spectators who will enthusias

tically sublimate their competitiveness into endless hours of following

college and professional sports ... Space spectaculars and dramatic

political infighting are also marvelous diversions with which to occupy

the masses."

"Anyone seeking social change will gravitate to the field of education.

Our strategy is simple: Let only those succeed whose influence would be

compa:h4le with our power. En-courage all who would develop the passive

or receptive mode of existence. Discourage all who promote the

aggressive or active capacities. Build a great cult of salvation through

end- less education, touting it as the "democratic" path to success.

Deride the frontal approach to success of the "outmoded'; rugged


"However, a trend toward rationality in human affairs plods along

inexorably quite outside the reach of our power. Only in our

totalitarian dictatorships can this trend be quashed entirely. In the

semi-open societies in which our money power is based, the forces of

reason can only be impeded and diverted. Some have theorized that,

eventually, widespread rational egoism will overturn our order. I am

confident that secular faiths and just plain confu-sion will suffice to

sustain our power for many centuries to come."

"Associations of the leading scholars, businessmen, writers,

religionists, artists, bureaucrats, newsmen, ideolo- gists, publishers,

broadcasters, and professional men as well as special interest groups

representing laborers, farmers, consumers, racial minorities, and so on

must be subtly kept under the broad limits of our sway. ... Leaders of

such groups are remark- ably quick to accept our rationalizations when

financial support is extended. We engage in outright bribery only as a

last resort, and then, only in extreme cases. Our long-range interests

are better served by temporarily postponing a policy victory than by

risking exposure of our power by at tempting outright bribery."

"As an example, if we decide that federal rather than state chartering

or licensing of corporations would further our control over the economy,

we would not simply order politicians and opinion leaders to support our

desires. Cor porations not relishing central control would be suspicious

that something was afoot and might expose our plot. Our strategy would

be as follows:

1. Sacrifice one of our less competent management teams in a

well-publicized corporate scandal in order to focus attention on the

"widespread problem of corporate corruption under current, lax


2. Through well-funded agents, thrust into the public-ity spotlight

intellectuals or groups who already support federal licensing as a

piecemeal step toward socialism. (One can find pre-existing supporters

for nearly any measure with sufficient effort.)

3. After the issue is before the public, offer to support through

foundations the "objective" study of the federal licensing proposals

being discussed with an eye toward proposing legislation. Often,

simultaneous support for studies by disreputable, irrational groups who

will oppose the proposal is useful as well. Provide no platform for

well-reasoned opposition.

4. When a ground swell of support appears to be building provide the

interested lobbying organizations with plenty of funds to grease the

palms of politicians. The enactment of the federal licensing law thus

appears as the will of society. Last ditch opposition automa tically

appears mean spirited, obstructionist, reactionary, and paranoid,

serving only to discredit our opposition."

"Mediocrities are much more adapted to propagating our policy

rationalizations and less likely to detect and oppose our ulterior

motives. A power lusting mediocrity is not likely to judge his

benefactors too harshly or inquire diligently into the nature of the

power structure that brought him what he fears was undeserved success.

The vanity of even idealistic, committed humanitarians militates against

such a course."

"Classical secret societies with elaborate circles within circles no

longer play a major role in finance capitalist power structures. Most

wide membership secret societies have degenerated into middle class

excuses for escaping the wife and kids once a month for the company of

men. But secret societies were a major weapon of our bourgeoisie

forebearers in their struggle with the old feudal order of kings and

princes. Under authoritarian despotism of the old style, the secret

society was the only place a free thinking man could express himself.

Through threats of exposure, loyalty oaths, patronage, deception, and

rewards we bound such malcontents into a fierce force for our

revolution. The multitude of degrees, occult mumbo-jumbo, and vague

humanitarianism concealed the real goals of our secret societies from

the bulk of the membership. The roles of the "Illuminated" Masonic

Lodges in European revolutions were decisive in our final victory over

the old order."

"In our fully developed state-capitalist systems we have found absolute

control of governmental intelligence gathering and covert operations to

be vital....Neither nationalistic aspirations of races and peoples nor

ideological visions of intellectuals for humanity can be allowed to

pervert intelligence and covert operations. Our rationalizations, both

within the intelligence community and to the public at large, must be

diverse and flexible, but the intelligence community must further

without exception the inexorable goals we have set for humanity."

"No crisis is more serious for our Money Power than an attempt by a head

of government to assume personal control of intelligence and operations

or to by-pass existing agencies by setting up parallel ones. Such

intrusions must be met decisively. Although a contrived scandal to

remove the offending politician from office is the first line of

defense, we dare not shrink from assassination when necessary."

"Perhaps the most accurate overview of our intelligence community can be

achieved by visualizing it as a "nationalized secret society." Our

predecessors, in their struggle against the old order of kings and

princes, had to finance secret societies such as the Illuminati, Masons,

German Union, etc. out of their own pockets. ...How much easier it is

for us, the inheritors of a fully developed state- capitalist system! By

appealing to "national security" we are able to finance and erect secret

societies of a colossal scope, far beyond the wildest dreams of our path

breaking predecessors. Besides the benefits of public financing reaped

by these "nationalized secret societies," we obtain a decisive advantage

from the fact that these our "spook" operations are sanctioned by law."

"The future course of finance capitalism is difficult to predict. Our

empires are too fragile to risk all-out battles for supremacy among

ourselves. Our power would dissipate to second echelon wealthy during

the struggle. Yet we continue to chip away at rival empires on the

premise that offense is the best defense. On the other hand, purely

political leaders are helpless before our money power. When Caesars

arise, they are of our making."

"Perhaps our system will simply remain much as it is, secure on the

national level and disturbingly pluralistic at the international level,

until reason and egoism have developed among our populations to such an

extent that our occult technology of money power becomes obvious to all

who think and must yield to either anarchy or a more advanced form of



Any resemblance of these characters to persons living or dead is purely

coincidental. Any resemblance of their meth-odology to that of real

ruling elites is purely intentional. The extent to which I represent or

exaggerate the self-conscious, intentional power technology of real

politico-economic rulers and their unity is for the reader to decide

after studying available empirical evidence.

"We are much beholden to Machiavelli and others, that write what men

do, and not what they ought to do.

-Francis Bacon